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Terms & Conditions

These terms form the basis of the contract between our customer and JMK Cakes. These terms, your Order and Your order confirmation are considered by Us to set the whole agreement between You and Us for the sale complete and accurate as this is the document we work to when completing Your order.

No contract is made with you until we have received your booking fee. The payment of a booking fee with JMK Cakes constitutes an acceptance of the following contract.

Basis of Sale 

Quotations are valid for a period of 30 calendar days from the day of issue. Cakes sizes quoted are in inches and are based on the diameter of the cake. Cakes are 4 layers and are 5 inches deep as standard. 


The Cakes

We warrant that on delivery or collection the cakes shall conform to their description as set out in the Order Confirmation, be of satisfactory quality and comply with all food safety, statutory and regulatory requirements in the UK.

Following an initial consultation session, JMK Cakes will collect any images, sketches and design ideas from the customer in order to ascertain the customer’s wishes. Every effort will be given to ensure customer satisfaction, however exact replicas of images or precise manifestations of design ideas cannot always be guaranteed. 

JMK Cakes is responsible for the condition of products up to, but not succeeding, the passage of the product from the supplier (“JMK Cakes”) to the customer or an agreed representative of the customer (either a physical person or another business entity such as, but not exclusively, venues or caterers).


Following the delivery of products to the customer or the customer’s designated person or business entity, JMK Cakes relinquishes the responsibility for the treatment and subsequent condition of the products between the time of delivery and the consumption of said products. Care instructions will be provided for products to the receiving party (customer, designated person or business entity) and JMK Cakes remains reachable via the standard contact methods for any further information required in order to facilitate, within reason, the care of the products provided by JMK Cakes post-delivery.

JMK Cakes products are made fresh, containing no additives or preservatives. JMK Cakes will assume, unless otherwise specified, that products will be consumed the day of delivery or collection. Products should be stored in a dry place at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and any sources of heat in the packaging provided at delivery. No products from JMK Cakes should be refrigerated unless otherwise specified.

JMK Cakes products are made in an environment where all 14 allergens are presents. For this reason, JMK Cakes cannot accommodate allergen free cakes.


Fresh flowers are not included in the price of any wedding cake design. If a wedding cake is to be dressed with fresh flowers these are to be provided by your florist. Please note some flowers are not suitable for use as a cake decoration. Ask your florist for details regarding toxicity. JMK Cakes is not liable for any contamination to products that may arise from flower arrangements.

We recommend that your florist liaise directly with JMK Cakes to confirm details regarding the size of the cake being dressed to avoid any miscommunication.

Delivery and collection

All orders may be collected free of charge from JMK Cakes by prior arrangement. We cannot accept responsibility for any damage sustained to the cake once it has left the premises. Please note we strongly advise that any cakes two tiers or more should be delivered by JMK Cakes as opposed to collection.

If delivery is request, JMK Cakes will deliver the product to the address provided on the Order Confirmation form as per the pre-agreed date of delivery.


When delivering to a wedding venue, we will contact the venue in advance to arrange a mutually convenient time for delivery. If we set up the wedding cake we will take a photograph of the cake before leaving. Where possible we will obtain a signature from a designated responsible party verifying set up.

If the cake is delivered with a stand, a security deposit will be payable with the final balance. The stand must be returned to us in a good, clean condition within two working days after the event. Upon the return of the stand the security deposit will be refunded.

Price and Payment

The price of products will be set out in the Order Confirmation form. A booking fee of £75 is required to secure your order. For wedding Cakes, a detailed order confirmation will be issued detailing the final balance and payment details. JMK Cakes will proceed to creating products only after the payment of the quoted costs.

Delivery Fees

This is price dependent on distance to location and current fuel costs.


Cancellation, Postponements and Alterations

In the event of a cancellation by yourselves, charges are as follows :

More than ninety days prior to the booking date = booking fee only.

Ninety days to one calendar month prior to the date = booking fee plus half the remaining cost.

Less than one calendar month prior to the date = full amount.

In the event of a postponement, the payment due remains the same as the cancellation. Subject to availability we will carry the monies paid forward to the new wedding date.

The customer may, up to 6 weeks before the wedding day, amend or cancel your order by providing written notice to JMK Cakes. In the case of alterations, a new order confirmation will be issued detailing the changes and the new cost. Alterations are not confirmed until a new order confirmation has been issued. Should you make any changes after that time there will not be a reduction in the price you pay, even if your new design is cheaper than the original booking.

In the unlikely event that we need to cancel you order any monies paid will be refunded.



Complaints are very rare and due to the amount of work put into each individual cake we take them very seriously. 

Both parties agree to not post any negative information about the other arising out of this contract or event on any online forum or website without providing advance written notice of the intended content, thus providing the other party with a prior opportunity to resolve any issues between the parties amicably.

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